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On Having Moxie

July 2nd, 2012 by Elaine

Back in February, Quite Strong launched a website for our one-day design conference, Moxie Conference. One of the topics of the conference was protecting your intellectual copyright, so we certainly appreciated the irony when it came to our attention that a website for an event in New York had a striking resemblance to the website we designed and built for MoxieCon.

To our friends and colleagues who could not ignore the similarities and started a public outcry on Twitter and in their blogs in our defense, we thank you for your support. The world is lucky to have people like you with their eyes peeled who are not afraid to cry wolf when they see one. We would go to bat for you, James Victore, or any other designer if we felt their work had been plagiarized.

Of course, we are not the first people to find another design out in the world with remarkable similarities to our own. For example, compare the logo of Chicago design firm, AKTA, to the logo of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). To be candid, we too felt a bit honored and were trying to figure out the proper way to react.

One item that we do want to publicly clear up is the insinuation that some or all of the code behind the Take This Job site was lifted from the Moxie Con site. Our resident developer and robot extraordinaire Jennifer Sisson, who developed the Moxie Con site, definitively can tell that the two sites are completely unique from a code perspective. They share none of the same markup or CSS. Any claims to the contrary are simply not true.

We did want to thank James Victore and his staff for their private response to Quite Strong, their sincere apologies and their eagerness to correct the situation. We trust that any similarities between our websites are unintentional. We couldn’t have asked for better people to have gotten into this sticky situation with. It’s that kind of responsiveness and respect for other creatives that makes us proud to be a part of this industry and community. It also makes it really easy for us to Take This Job & Love (the heck out of) It.

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