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Test print

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt

Figure out what you LOVE to do and make it happen. In her own words I’m a Cuban-American artist, designer, teacher, drummer and collector of things. I’ve worked as designer and art director for 11+ years in the music, fashion and publishing industries. In 2006 I relocated from Brooklyn to Chicago to attend the graduate [...]

Surf Film

Jen Lorentzen

Portland, OR

Break from convention. In her own words we focus on graphic design and partner with other functional partners to execute top to bottom vision. the collective represents a handful of industry gals with skills in design, account, and marketing backgrounds. we’ve worked with jager di paola kemp, burton, nike, roxy, k2, sweet cheeks, and nemo [...]


Tonya Douraghy

Brooklyn, NY

Be nice, work hard, and make mistakes. In her own words Currently senior designer at Details magazine, formerly art director at Print magazine, and always collaborating at The Dye Lab. I believe in magazines, tape, string, fabric, felt, sewing machines, sandwiches, humor, typewriters, ideas, questions, flexibility, good taste, craft, wit, playfulness, indecision, rulers, pens, buttons, [...]

animal prints

Erin Wengrovius

Brooklyn, NY

Take every opportunity In her own words Hello, I am a designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. I am the Senior Designer at BUST Magazine and I am also a freelance illustrator on the side. Last year I started my own business called Grovius were I create and sell painting and prints on my [...]


Sarah Kissell

Los Angeles

Never Settle. In her own words Pure Magenta is the graphic design work of Sarah Kissell. I’m originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art + Design in December 2008. I also studied Typo/Graphic design for a brief period at London College of Communication. I currently reside in Los Angeles, working [...]

Complacency is death

Annie Wang

Minneapolis, MN

Complacency is death. In her own words I was born in Taiwan but was raised in Los Angeles. At first I went to UCLA for a degree in Sociology, but eventually went back to school for a design degree from MCAD. When I was 16 I was an active member of the Hanson fan club. [...]

Target: Design United

Anne Ulku

Minneapolis, MN

Discover Buried Treasure. In their own words I am a designer living and working in a studio apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I work in type design, branding, print design, among many. I enjoy collaborative projects, challenges and experiments. I enjoy formulating compelling stories, using only six words. Words of advice Discover Buried Treasure. Read old [...]


Tuesday Bassen

Brooklyn, NYC

Be open and get lost. In her own words I’m an Illustrator and one half of Studio-Sweet-Studio.com. I recently moved to Brooklyn, NY, but I’ve lived in Minnesota, Nebraska, England, and Russia at different points and varying periods in my lifetime. I love looking at art nouveau architecture, gas-light era design, and comic books–especially by [...]

Screen Print

Simone Noronha

Chicago, IL

Don’t be afraid to approach the people you admire. In her own words I’m a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and screen printer currently living in Chicago. Recently I graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design where I got to hone in on my love of making pretty and useful things while being surrounded by [...]

Sugar Skull

Catherine Bourdon

Melbourne, Australia

Get off the beaten path. In her own words Hi there! I’m a Canadian creative recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia. I specialize in print, branding, packaging & green design. I’m a true believer of Form, Function & Fun. Words of advice GET OFF THE BEATEN PATH. Take a hike and hack those bushes! Who knows [...]

LIN Art Project

Amaranta Martinez

aka Piktorama Venezuela

Do what you do with Love… and everything else will follow. In her own words Hola! My name is Amaranta Martínez, I’m an illustrator from Venezuela. I worked as an Art Director for Nickelodeon Latin America for several years. One day I decided to move on, although it was very hard for me to part [...]

You are Beautiful

Abby Wynne

Chicago, IL

Keep on making stuff you love. In her own words I am one half of MAKE™, a Chicago based design team. Partnering with the talents of Jesse Hora, we design, illustrate, art direct, draw, cut, paste, think, build, photograph, paint and print. MAKE™ is our way to work on projects we love with people we [...]

Packaging Line

Ashley Chelski

Chicago, IL

Surround yourself with people that are worth it, whether it’s friends or a job. In her own words I’m Ashley! I’m a graphic designer/illustrator living in Chicago. I am particularly fond of packaging design, illustration, infographics and publication. I currently work at a big fancy architecture firm, but my heart lies in D.I.Y design, zines, [...]


Karen Kurycki

Jacksonville, FL

If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong. In her own words I am a designer/illustrator born and raised in Rochester, NY, now living in Jacksonville, Florida. I have a passion for using watercolor and combining it with typography in my design. I have a strong affinity for toys from the ’80s. I love the smell [...]


Jenny Sun

Atlanta, GA

What I know today will never be as much as I know tomorrow. In her own words I’ve always been wired as a visual thinker, but I suppose I’m technically a design strategist. I’ve spent my career thus far consulting in everything from user experience design and research, to brand strategy for start-ups and Fortune [...]


Nicole Lavelle

Portland, Oregon

It’s better to be interested than to be interesting. In her own words I am an artist and graphic designer currently living and working in Portland, Oregon. I talk too much, have a problem with collecting paper ephemera, and work as the Director of Creative Projects at Pinball Publishing. I spend my time on print [...]


Susan Murphy


Use the hours after dark and don’t feel guilty about doing the things you love… In her own words Once upon a time there was a freckly faced Irish girl named Sue. She loved to doodle, colour with her markers and imagine great things. One day she moved from her small town (actually a little [...]

Scribble Tone

Lizy Gershenzon

Portland, OR

It is important to scare yourself, to do things you don’t think you are capable of. In her own words Currently living in Portland, OR, I grew-up in Chicago, IL and recently lived in Wellington, New Zealand. I enjoy the spirit of the big city, but also find peace in nature. I am a partner [...]

Branding and collateral

Lindsey Turner

Austin, TX

Work. Very. Hard. In her own words An Austin girl by way of Chicago, I am design director at ALARM Press, which publishes books on music, art, and design. I’m drawn to minimalism, unapologetic typography, and shades of gray. Words of wisdom Just a few things that have helped me… Work. Very. Hard. Be humble [...]


Erin Huizenga

Chicago, IL

Be the hardest working person you know. In her own words By consulting, designing, and teaching, I show how strategy, conceptual design, and innovation of purpose is what achieves mission and competitive advantage. My affinity for the profession overflows with my involvement in design and community organizations. Having served on the Board of Directors for [...]

Heart at Work

Elaine Fong

Chicago, IL

Everything you want will fall into place with patience, hard work and a good attitude towards everything around you. True story. In her own words Elaine is a graphic designer originally from New Orleans, LA, and made her way to Chicago after working in exhibition design, stationery greetings, and advertising. Her work has been featured [...]

The Toyota Sienna

Bernadette Coughlin

New York, NY

When someone tells you, you can’t do something, do it anyway. In her own words I am an Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Type Geek who lives in Brooklyn. I am in love with this industry because it allows me to create things out of the ordinary for the world to recognize, think about and [...]

book design

Dawn Hancock

Humboldt Park - Chicago, IL

Share credit and be public in your gratitude. In her own words I run a design shop. We make good things for good people who are doing good things in this world. It feels good. I also run a nonprofit. We help the various communities we are a part of. I also mentor folks + [...]


Siew Lin Cheah

Los Angeles, CA

Being passionate is critical to your success. In her own words What is an Art Director? After 13 years of having the title on my business cards, the last three reflecting my upgrade to Senior Art Director, I still stumble trying to describe to my parents or stranger what I do. Most of the time, [...]

Work Samples

Renata Graw

Chicago, IL

Learn all the rules so you can break them. In her own words Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Renata is now a partner at Plural Design in Chicago and teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Her work has been featured in Communication Arts, Eye and Print Magazines, and has been selected [...]

Mill Creek

Jessica Scurte

Chicago, IL

Don’t sell yourself short. In her own words When asked where I’m from, it’s hard to give a short answer. I have moved around a lot and that defines who I am, a mesh of a city girl’s dreams and a small town heart. I love the hustle and bustle of the city but revel [...]


Kristen Caston

Chicago, IL

We all can learn from each other. In her own words Hello! I’m Kristen Caston, a designer/illustrator/photographer/creative person with an extreme passion for typography and hand-drawn anything. My experience ranges from freelancing for small clients to designing for a large ad agency. I love surrounding myself with creative people and inspiring things. I get antsy [...]


Joy Burke


Be friendly to everyone you meet and super dedicated and passionate about your work. In her own words I am a lover of all things design, craft, attention to detail, unique style and surrounding myself with good people and good times. I passionately create designs that have meaning and purpose, and aim to please every [...]


Laurenne Sala

Venice, CA

Be creative in as many ways you can outside of work. In her own words For money, I direct art. It’s great fun. I love producing something that people talk about. It’s a rush to know that your idea affects others. However, those opportunities are less frequent when a whole production is involved. So… I [...]


Kim Knoll


My best piece of advice is to always follow your heart. In her own words As owner and creative director of Knoed, a small creative studio in Chicago, I work with entrepreneurs, small business and agencies building big brands and creating new ones alike. As a hobby, I make vintage-inspired jewelry using materials from every [...]


Becky Welbes

Chicago, IL

Don’t compromise. In her own words I am a freelance graphic designer & fine artist. I believe design should be driven by purpose; this concept is essential to every project. My primary client base is in the architecture & real estate industry. I also work with other small businesses and non-profit organizations on projects including [...]


Katie Major

Cleveland, OH

Never underestimate how you can help change the world. In her own words HI! I’m Katherine Major and I’m a curiously whimsical graphic designer. Why curiously whimsical? I believe design should incorporate clever concepts and a sense of fun. My love for art started when I was a kid and would skip recess to work [...]


Brittany Steiner

Chicago, IL

Keep your standards high. In her own words I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Art Direction in 2008. I enjoy advertising and graphic design. But my real passion is illustration and painting! I started drawing at age 2 and haven’t quit since. When I’m not at work, I am either doodling, [...]


Carrie Ruby

New York, NY

Be persistent and having chutzpah is a must. In her own words A native Houstonian with roots in Chicago and New York, Carrie is a graduate from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) who focused her studies in graphic design and visual communications. Carrie took the risk of her life; she left [...]

Jack in the box

Mariam Farooq

New York, NY

Do what you love. In her own words Hi! Here are the Cliff Notes: Born in London. Raised in LA. Now living in New York. An irony enthusiast and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet with the initials MF. I’m an advertising Art Director but a design dork at heart. Words of advice Do what [...]

Promotional materials

Megan Sullivan

Grand Rapids, MI

I enjoy a fast paced work environment where I can have fun, collaborate with others, and be myself. In her own words I hold an appreciation for smart and simple design and am able to translate that in a number of different digital and print applications. From a local design firm to global branding and [...]

Shift Art Gallery

Sharlene King


Network. The design community is expansive, but we’re connected in many and often in unexpected ways. In her own words I started designing logos, fliers, and websites for my friends’ bands as a kid to get into shows for free with certain illicit copies of programs from school. This eventually became my choice of study [...]


Krista Seidl


It’s important to support one another. In her own words I am currently an Art Director/Designer at The Royal Order of Experience Design, a digital agency in Chicago. My capabilities include web design, identity marks and systems, and print. In my free time, I work with textiles–printing and sewing. Words of Advice Collaborate / It’s [...]

Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs '08 campaign

Alison Medland

Washington, D.C.

Listen. To everything. And take it all with a grain of salt. In her own words Born and raised in the small wonder state, I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 where I studied advertising, graphic design & art history. After a lengthy love affair with Gilah Press + Design, a letterpress house [...]