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Leigh Loftus


Your intent creates your reality.

In her own words

As a photographer I feel it is my job to create and tell a story for each client. Whether it’s a restaurant, wedding, portrait, or product line etc. Telling your story, or working as a team to develop your story is what makes you shine. I love meeting with clients that come to me with pretty clear ideas of what they are looking for; I listen to their concepts, then design a shoot that not only encompasses what they wanted from the start, but surpasses every expectation they originally had. That’s what I love, and that’s why I make photographs!

Words of advice

One of my all time favorite inspirational quotes…and I have many, is this: “Your intent creates your reality.” I have learned a lot in the short time that I have been working as a creative & business owner and this one quote holds so true. When I want something to happen, I mean really want it to happen, opportunities begin to present themselves. This of course comes from ground work that you have laid in the past to carry you so far. But, I truly believe we live in a magical world and when we put our minds, and hearts to something we can and will make it a reality.

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