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Jillian Adel

Brooklyn, NY
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Get involved.

In her own words

I am a graphic designer & letterer based out of Brooklyn, NY. I enjoy high fives, fancy cocktails, yoga, noise rock, and cats…and will consider bartering for any of the above.

Words of wisdom

I believe one of the best parts of being a designer is the vibrant community available to us. Beyond the many conferences, lectures, and workshops we are able to attend to not only further our skills, but also spend time with other like-minded creatives, there are also many digital communities, such as Dribbble, DesignMoo, and Pinterest that offer the same benefits regardless of location. The more involved in your local, regional, and international communities you are, the more you will be aware of current design trends and be able to share, comment, critique, love, collaborate, and ultimately compete within the industry…always with the intention of creating something smart and beautiful to put out into the world!

"If I Was A Rich Girl" Type Illustration. Sept. 2010.

"Oiseaux RĂ©tros" Calendar. Jan. 2011. logo, while employed at Alloy Digital. Spring 2011.

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