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Frances Close

Chicago, IL

Avoid being idle.

In her own words

I am a designer with a passion for all things creative. I try to surround myself with great people who continue to inspire me and complement my strengths and weaknesses. I write, I design, I make things, I am always learning.

Words of advice

Avoid being idle. Continue to learn and try new things, making new mistakes. You’ll grow from these mistakes, make new ones and grow from those too. Be engaged in everything that you do and always keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities.

The 2009-2010 AIGA Chicago snapshot was born from the idea of collaboration. It includes collaborative artworks, annual stats & design work.

This book visually translates ideas surrounding audio and 'a day in sound' which is represented through a time line within the margins.

The theme 'getting there together' speaks to both donors and service recipients in this annual report that takes on the form of a map.

This brochure raises awareness of the non-profit Connections for Abused Women and their Children and explains their mission and needs.

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