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Prototype Camp

Saturday, August 25, 2012

PrototypeCamp Chicago delivers a full day of bringing together Designers, Developers, and anyone else who is interested in putting a bit more “build and create” into their craft.

Are you a designer who wants to learn more about how to code but have not yet found your inner codemonkey? Are you a developer who wants to learn more about how to create non-code prototypes but are afraid you just are not one of those creative types? Are you just curious to learn more tips, tricks, and techniques from other smart folks in the design and development community PrototypeCamp simply has not been offered yet?

For our portion, Quite Strong is using 15 numbers to show you the power of numbers. You will hear from 3/5ths of Quite Strong (Jana, Elaine and Katherine) on different aspects of engaging in your design and development community, some tried and true practices of getting involved with projects and people, and how to turn your connections into opportunities.

See their whole schedule: http://prototypecamp.com/

Harrington College of Design
200 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL

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