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Emmy Star Brown

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Networking, collaborating and involvement…

In her own words

I am a Chicago graphic designer and artist! I have always loved the idea of finding, reusing, creating from old things. My art involves freehand painting on all found materials – particularly vintage windows, glass pieces and reused wood. Im constantly running through Ukrainian Village alleys searching for old tabletops, shelving, glass, anything that I can recreate from. I have also recently been scavenging old dishware & vases for painting, which have turned out beautifully. I have also produced my designs as vinyl laptop decals. My goal is to apply my designs more commercially as patterns; on dishes, rugs, wallpaper.

Words of advice

Networking, collaborating and involvement is the best way to gain visibility and meet other creatives who will endlessly encourage and support you throughout your career.

Pavo. Freehand painting on vintage glass window. 19 x 29 in.

Sweep. Freehand painting on vintage glass window. 28 x 28 in.

Ace. Freehand painting on vintage glass window. 28 x 33 in.

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