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Danielle Davis

Work hard but don’t be afraid to take breaks!

In her own words

I love hand-lettering and typography and applying that to as many projects as possible. I’m originally from Oklahoma (what up!) and after a short stint in Baltimore, I’m back here in grand OK, designing out of my Travel Villa (not an RV, okay, Travel Villa!).

Words of advice

Work hard but don’t be afraid to take breaks! Don’t be afraid to create bold work, have fun with color, and experiment ’til you learn and love bits and pieces of everything you do. Keep creating on your own time, develop projects that are entirely you and get it out there for others to enjoy!

Part of a Thank You series of personalized notecards for my good friends, Lindsey and James.

Loving language and lettering are always great things.

Based on Der Struwwelpeter, a German's kid's book by Henirich Hoffman. The lettering and illos are based on a few of the creepy, crazy tales

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