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The Studio of Aubrey Rachael Megan
Brooklyn, Detroit, Chicago
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In her own words

ARM is the collaborative studio of Aubrey Stalnaker, Rachael Beresh, and Megan Deal. The studio serves as a platform to support client projects, workshops, research interests and concepts of personal inquiry. The work that manifests is broad in scope, spanning the diverse interests of all three partners and those we collaborate with.

Words of advice

Talk to your neighbor.
Talk to your mom.
Talk to that guy sitting next to you on the train.
Value people.
Trust yourself.
Embrace the unexpected.
Flirt with failure.
Earn money fairly.
Drink good coffee.

And if you’re still not happy, quit.

Chrome. The first in a series of element newspapers commissioned by the Brooklyn-based, No Goods.

Bones and Teeth, Batik.

Experimental type makes the world go round. You should make some too.

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