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Aggie Toppins


Strive also to think beyond yourself.

In her own words

I’m a graphic designer with an interest in participatory culture, collaborative projects and storytelling. I enjoy creating work that brings people together in meaningful ways.

Words of advice

Strive to be uncomfortable. In such a state, you’re more likely to ask questions, be open-minded, curious, and more engaged. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re growing. Growing is essential to being creative.

Strive also to think beyond yourself. Life is more fulfilling with other people in it. Conversations are more interesting when you listen. Be open and give away as much as you can. With your talents, you can make a dollar and you can make the world a better place.

AIGA Chicago Snapshot Book done in collaboration with Frances Close.

'Everybody's Lincoln' ad campaign, part of a year-long promotion of the Lincoln Bicentennial for the Chicago History Museum.

Selections from the Visual Diary project, an ongoing storytelling project about my daily life.

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